Sammy Deprez

Partner @ Arinti - AI MVP @ Microsoft

As a seasoned consultant with over a decade of experience, Sammy has tackled diverse projects in various industries, ranging from finance to healthcare, with a specialization in the Microsoft Stack.

In 2015, he pivoted his focus towards Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and in 2017 he played a pivotal role in launching a new company that specializes in maximizing organizations' potential through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft tools.

Upcoming sessions:

Welcome to the Global AI Generate


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A Deep Dive into the Inner Workings of Large Language and Foundation Models

As large language and foundation models continue to revolutionize artificial intelligence, it is essential to understand the intricacies of these groundbreaking technologies. This session offers a comprehensive and accessible exploration of the core mechanisms that drive the functionality and performance of these models, enabling attendees to gain a solid grasp of their underlying principles. 

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Exploring the Frontiers of Generative AI: A Dynamic Panel Discussion

This panel discussion delves into the captivating realm of generative AI, exploring the latest breakthroughs, challenges, and applications. The conversation concludes with insights into the future of generative AI and responsible harnessing of its potential, providing a captivating and concise exploration for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts alike.

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